Company and Team

ADVAHOO is a software company specialized in developing applications for banks and financial institutions. ADVAHOO’s value proposition is to build a strong and powerful software foundation able to valorize banks’ development efforts for business profitability and diversification.

We believe that the digital transformation is the right strategy for financial organizations to implement services that present a unique opportunity to deepen the relationship with customers, to reach excellence in operations and to successfully manage their business.

Our mission is to drive organizations towards new opportunities, to assist the banks and the financial institutions in adapting their business model in order to fulfil customers’ demands and expectations.

Our Value Proposition

  • Bringing to our customers unprecedented control and flexibility over processes within their organizations, making the reengineering, changes and improvements part of organization’s daily activities.
  • Supporting our customers to open a new life cycle for their products, helping them to understand the benefits of the Java Web applications architecture, planning the migration process to such platform and assisting them in the post migration phase.
  • Driving organizations to migrate their legacy systems towards Web 2.0 Enterprise solutions, Service Oriented Architecture and Business Process Management.
  • Enabling our customers to open a new era for operating and managing enterprise applications, by enabling the power of new features of Web 2.0 such as new look and feel, interactive dashboards, strong capabilities of user interface customizations, collaboration and unified communications.

Our Team

Strong business knowledge and solid technical background are the main characteristics of our team. Our people offer proven experience in business and project management, strong knowledge of the technology’s requirements for financial business, capability in understanding and modeling the business process.

Our team harmonizes people with long and outstanding business experience, as well as people with certified technical skills. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in technology and financial industry, being the promoter of major projects in business applications, payments systems, mobile and internet technology for financial services.