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Going digital with the future of core-banking systems:

The problem was that the bank had an outdated (old) core-banking system and, for this reason, had serious restrictions in going digital.
Based on our platform, the bank initiated a migration process of the entire core-banking system. The new one now has processes orchestration and management capability in place, screens generator with new UX, business rules support, and the all-rich features of our platform. Nowadays, the bank has increased the productivity, has a fast go to market time in launching new products and services, and has a service-oriented infrastructure that can integrate the best-of-breed platforms from the digital world.

Transformation of the Loans Origination activity for individuals:

The problem was that the bank had an obsolete process for loans approval, which took a lot of time and, sometimes, meant missed opportunities and profits.
Using our platform, the bank is now able to complete the loans approval process in one single visit (physical presence or digital) of the client (physical presence or digital). The Time to Yes has decreased from hours or days to minutes, contracts are signed with electronic signatures (no need for printing/scanning/paper archiving). The bank has now the capability to offer bundled products and thus generate more revenue.

Success stories

“Our collaboration with Advahoo on the internet banking platform implementation for CREDITCOOP was nothing short of exceptional. Their team’s professionalism and expertise shone through every step of the way. The Oracle cloud services we are using (Compute Instances, Networking, Storage and DBAS) delivered through competitive pricing are the next-generation cloud infrastructure designed to run applications  faster and more securely. We can operate now with control over date meeting the regulations and requirements. With their guidance and support, the project not only ran smoothly and met deadlines, but it also achieved remarkable success. Their insightful advice and practical assistance allowed us to navigate the entire process with certainty, all while adhering to regulatory requirements. We deeply value this partnership and eagerly anticipate future collaborations.”

– Alexandru Popescu – CreditCoop

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