Open Banking

EUBank – The PSD2 Platform

Modern design, modular architecture and an open API for your banking innovation.

Offer PSD2 services to your clients

A XS2A services type platform that allows banks PSD2 services to their own customers through TPP entities. Extend your products portfolio beyond thePSD2 requested policies.

Extend your digital financial services

Designed to help banks and financial institutions extend their business and become a major player in the digital financial services industry.

Modular Architecture

Built around an API Platform with plug-ins for providing compliant, secure and effective PSD2 XS2A services. With a modular structure (building blocks/services) it can be configured according to the bank’s needs.

Open API

Provide Banks with the ability to expose various types of API’s meeting PSD2 requirements like Berlin Group XS2A Framework, OpenBank Project and Bank’s proprietary Open API’s.


Highly secure protocols

Provides fully PSD2 compliant authentication and security management mechanism for: AISP/PISP access, SCA Strong Customer Authentication, access right management and is GDPR compliant.

Thorough Administration

EUBank – PSD2 platform has strong configuration capabilities, including: API management, API transformation and anti denial-of-service features.

How our EUBank – PSD2 Platform can help you

The Advahoo team is always on the lookout, providing you the future of digital banking. That’s why we integrated EUBank – PSD2 platform capabilities like:


Robust support for integration with existing Bank’s API’s using: REST services, Legacy API call and Database queries

Analytics and Monitoring

Set of tools and processes providing the ability to define and implement: Statistical analysis of API’s use, KPI’s monitoring, detailed event logging for all events, integration with Banks’ log management infrastructure and billing for non-mandatory API’s (if applicable)

Excellence in operation

Easy to adapt, measure and control your processes

Want us to support your digital innovation?