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Dynatrace premium providers in Romania

In a world where all the things around us are constantly changing, the IT industry is the most prone to lead these changes. This is why we, at Advahoo, are bringing the services, tools and experience for a smooth transition and for the best view into your applications. With Dynatrace, you get an automatic, AI-powered platform for integrated experiences.

From dozens of monitoring tools to one intelligent platform

Because we want to deliver the best, we also use the best. Dynatrace is the leading Application Performance Management, or better say Digital Performance Management, tool in the market. It is, also, the furthest leader for completeness of vision and highest for ability to execute in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring.

App Performance and User Experience Monitoring

Offering Application Performance and User Experience Monitoring in the best way possible is one of our goals from the start. With the Dynatrace licenses, we offer our clients deep knowledge about their applications, infrastructure and the entire system they use.

How implementing Dynatrace can help you

We provide Dynatrace solutions adapted to your particular business needs, to help you evolve your software intelligence for faster performance and improved customer experience:

Proof of Value implementations

We understand your needs, find out your pain points and start from there. We deliver Proof Of Value implementations where we showcase Dynatrace’s features and ease of installation and use.

Dynatrace in your infrastructure

We go further into the process of implementing Dynatrace into your system and working with your team to give the best value to each Dynatrace implementation.

Performance booster programs

We even make one more step, where we do diagnostics and performance booster programs to deliver data about the most important fixes you could do to improve application performance and, most importantly, customer experience.

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